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I am a graduate student specializing in Young Adult Services in the Kent State Masters of Library and Information Science program.  As a result, I have the distinct pleasure of reading the books I enjoy as part of my studies.  And as a bonus, I get to review and tell others about the works I encounter, while learning about all of the titles that are inspiring everyone else.  I can’t wait to get into the field working with teens to help them find the works that will help them become life-long readers, but in the meantime, I’m excited to gain exposure to this and all other genres.

This blog will contain my thoughts and reviews of various titles, both young adult and otherwise.  I will do my best to clearly indicate the reading level of each title both within the review and within the structure of the larger blog.  All cover art and information regarding publication comes from the Amazon.com citation for the specific edition I accessed (where possible).  My reading habits tend to be erratic and varied so any title may appear here.  In addition, there really does not seem to be a good place to start since I’ve been an avid reader for 20+ years, so I will be going back and forth between current and earlier reading.  Of course, I will review or reread any title before attempting to blog about it.  

Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome.

Enjoy and happy reading!


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