Booktalk: Breaking Up (Fashion High Graphic Novel) by Aimee Friedman

Product Details

Breaking Up

by Aimee Friedman

A Fashion High Graphic Novel

Chloe, Mackenzie, Erika and Isabel have been BFFs forever, but the picture they take the first day of their Junior year at Georgia O’Keefe School for the Arts is the last time the four are happy together.  Over the summer, something has changed.  Something big.  Mackenzie is willing to do anything to be popular and that includes dumping her friends when they need her most.  Erika is struggling against pressure from her boyfriend to take the next step, and Isabel is tired of being smothered by her parents.  As Chloe watches her friends tear each other apart, she finds herself falling for the nerdy hot guy in her art class and she knows their budding romance will destroy her BFFs forever.


  • Sometimes I said the title and then said “but it is not what you think.”  This usually made the boys give it a second glance while keeping the girls interested.
  • For some classes, I refered to Erika as just having boyfriend trouble.  It seemed to work equally well.
  • The story is told from Chloe’s point of view since she is a visual artist.  This is a good entry point for some of the students.
  • One class was completely stymied by the concept of “nerdy hot” and one young man called me on it.  This actually worked well because the teacher, my mentor and I all said something like “you don’t know about nerdy hot???  i bet the girls do….”  It definitely got the boys to perk up.
  • Occasionally I refered to Chloe’s romance as the ultimate sin in Mackenzie’s eyes.  The girls responded to this fairly well.
  • I made a point of mentioning that I don’t usually read chick lit type titles but that I really really enjoyed this one and that is a great way to test out graphic novels.
  • In case you are concerned, there is nothing more graphic than a very sweet and very awkward first kiss and Erika’s issue with her boyfriend is handled with so much class that it would be hard to judge it offensive at all.
  • There are supposed to be more books set in this school, but I have not seen them yet.

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