Booktalk: Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams

Product Details

Down the Rabbit Hole

(An Echo Falls Mystery)
by Peter Abrahams

While rehearsing for the Prescott Players production of Alice in Wonderland, eighth grader Ingrid Levin-Hill is stunned to find herself involved in a murder mystery.  Somehow, between school, soccor practice, and rehersal, this Sherlock Holmes afficionado must solve the crime, avoid the suspicion of the police and the creepy new actor/director, and learn her lines, all before the final curtain.


  • Peter Abrahams is a fairly well-known adult mystery writer.  His foray into teen fiction, however, is outstanding.
  • Though there is a murder, it is not particularly disturbing and should not bother most readers.  While Ingrid occassionally finds herself in a tight spot, she is never really in grave danger.
  • I love Ingrid because she is such a complex character.  She loves Sherlock Holmes, she’s great at soccer, she’s close with her family, especially her grandfather, and she’s a great actress.  I found her to be incredibly realistic.
  • There is a small budding romance between Ingrid and her best friend who happens to also be the sheriff’s son.  It is very sweet and innocent, and the writer deals with appropriately.
  • There are several more in the series and they address complex issues including ecological conservation, steriod use, and an affair between two adults (and the effect on their families).

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