Booktalk: Incantation by Alice Hoffman

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 by Alice Hoffman

Estrella and Catalina have always known that their lives would be intertwined.  They just never imagined it would be due to tragedy.  When the Spanish Inquisition arrives in their village, everything changes.  Everything.  Soon Estrella is on the run, desperate to save what remains of her family and the secret that marks them all.  This is historical fiction at its absolute best.


  • This is historical fiction, but it is so beautifully written that it transcends genre.  I mentioned to the students that I am not a fan of historical fiction, but that this book made me rethink that blanket assumption.
  • The back cover has a beautiful quote that I found very effective for demonstrating the lovely language.  Coupled with a brief synopsis, it worked well to set this piece apart from the rest of the titles on my list.
  • I did have to explain the Spanish Inquisition, but the visit before, we had brought a book about the Salem Witchtrails so it was easy to explain that it was similiar only it happened earlier and not in the U.S.
  • To demonstrate my love for this book, I told them how I found it.  I literally picked it up because it had a cool cover.  I then sat down at the library and before I knew it, I’d read the entire thing.  And then I went to the bookstore, bought a copy, and sent it to my mom.  That’s how good it is.  Seriously.

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