Booktalk: The Olympiads Graphic Novels by George O’Connor

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The Olympiads Series

Graphic Novels

by George O’Connor

Ancient mythology might not sound like much fun, but it is no accident that several exciting movies and novels have been written using these very characters.  Just reading about them can seem kind of overwhelming, however, so this series of graphic novels is an excellent way to extend your knowledge of these classic characters while having a really great time.  Plus, they are pretty, and who doesn’t love that?


  •  I used these as a follow up to introducing the Cronus Chronicles.  It made a nice transition into graphic novels and was a slightly easier sell for this group which was very anti-graphic novel.
  • I pretty much adlibbed this entire book talk each time.  After the first few attempts, it began to flow pretty naturally and I gave it only as much time as the class showed interest.
  • I think it is okay to personalize so I mentioned to some classes that I moved a lot when I was in school so I missed studying mythology.  This series allowed me to “catch up” without feeling like I was studying.
  • As with all graphic novels, opening up the book and demonstrating the illustrations is always a good thing.  I’m a visual person and if an illustration doesn’t appeal to me, I can’t get into the story when it is a graphic novel.  It is a good quick test for interest.
  • Since this group was very graphic novel-phobic, I used this as an opportunity to talk about my own relunctance to embrace the graphic format.  It really is all about finding the right story and admitting that makes you seem real, I believe.  I sometimes mentioned that many classic works are now available in innovative graphic novel formats.

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