Librarian Action Figures

Every field needs a hero, and in the librarian world, none comes closer than Nancy Pearl.  She might not have a cape, but she certainly has superpowers!  Ms. Pearl has accomplished more in promoting literacy and the field of information science than seems humanly possible, and she does it with a very genuine passion for people and books.  When I met Nancy in 2008 at a Cuyahoga County Public Library event, I was astounded by her energy and enthusiasm.  In addition, she made each person in attendance feel valued and I do not believe that was just because only a few of us had braved a snow storm to see her at the Strongsville branch.  Nancy excels at making any size audience seem like a cozy conversation.  I had mentioned to a librarian that I was starting work on my MLIS in the Fall, and it meant the world to me that Nancy sought me out to welcome me to the field and offer encouragement.  Maybe we cannot all be Nancy Pearl and have witty conversations with writers we admire while inspiring everyone we come into contact with to find joy in the written word, but we can all have a piece of that magic.  If there is a librarian in your life, they might enjoy a little reminder that information scientists are heroes too.  Present them with a Nancy Pearl action figure, complete with shushing motion.  You can even upgrade to the more involved model that includes dynamic red clothing and media desk.  Find more at her official website:


Nancy Pearl Action Figure







And now in the interest in gender equality…..

Rex Libris… a male librarian statue by James Turner!

Check it out here


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