Runaways Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland by Brian K. Vaughan

runaways2vaughanRunaways Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland

by Brian K. Vaughan


  • VOYA: 4Q4P G
  • Lexile Level: GN
  • Hardcover: 312 pages
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics; First Edition, First Printing edition (December 6, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 078512358X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0785123583

In this next installment of the series, our six teens are beginning to annoy one another as they stay cooped up in their hideaway, the uber-cool Hostel.  Their supervillian parents are still hot on their trails, and there seems to be nowhere to turn.  Though Alex is translating the manifesto they stole as quickly as possible, the teens are no closer to devising a way to defeat their parents and end their evil legacy.  On a trip for supplies, however, this ragtag group encounters a chance to help the underdog when they interrupt an armed robbery at a convenience store.  These are no ordinary lowlifes, however, as the gang soon finds out.  Ultimately, the teens send two of the robbers packing, but the third is revealed to be a teenager like themselves.  Topher claims his parents have become evil after a chemical exposure and are forcing him to help them commit crimes.  When the gang invites him back to the Hostel, however, drama is quick to follow.  When Topher’s sinister secret identity is revealed, the gang is compromised and before long they are captured by Cloak and Dagger who have been called in by the police to help.  When all seems lost, however, the two join forces against the Pride and reinforcements will be on the way soon.  Of course the Pride is having none of it and Cloak and Dagger are taken care of before they can call in the big guns

This installment is as full of excitement as the first with new twists and turns.  It seems the teens are faced with danger everywhere they turn, and some it is of the ordinary teen variety.  When Alex witnesses an impulsive kiss between Topher and Nico, the fur starts to fly.  Just when it seems the misunderstanding will be worked out, Nico sees Karolina kiss Topher, and all bets are off.  Again, readers of every stripe should find at least one character to which they can relate.  There is certainly no lack of action and the return of Cloak and Dagger, the original runaways, is a nice touch.  The teens are still learning to use their powers and are amusingly clumsy with them.  This volume deals less with the younger characters, but it is clear that they are starting to resent being protected.  The tension between the gang is increasingly a factor as the mingling of mutants, aliens, time travelers, and prodigies rubs raw nerves.  This volume continues the rumblings of a mole within the young heroes, but few clues as to whom it may be remain elusive.  Fans of the series will be delighted and looking eagerly for the next installment.


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