Dead is…

Nightshade, California is like no other city you have ever encountered!  In addition to a secret city council of paranormals, the local diner has an unreliable if not psychic juke box!  Between weres, witches, vampires and ghosts, nothing is ever what it seems so Daisy, Poppy and Rose Giorano have their hands full.  Good thing they have a few powers of their own….

Marlene Perez has created a fun cast of characters sure to delight even the most jaded readers.  Great for transitioning young readers and experienced readers alike!

Book 1:  Dead is the New Black

Book 2: Dead is Just a State of Mind

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Book 3: Dead is so Last Year

Book 4: Dead is Just a Rumor

Book 5: Dead is Not An Option

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Book 6:  Dead is a Battlefield

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Book 7:  Dead is a Killer Tune

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