Dead is the New Black (Dead is… Bk 1) by Marlene Perez

Dead Is the New Black

Dead Is the New Black

by Marlene Perez

Daisy Giorano is the only normal person in her family.  Her mother and sisters have psychic powers and her father disappeared mysteriously a few years ago.  When her mother isn’t helping the police solve crimes, she’s focused on finding out what happened to her husband.  Daisy, however, is beginning to believe the rumors of an affair.  When a local teenager turns up missing, Daisy’s mom is called in to help, but soon Daisy realizes that something fishy is up.   As more and more girls are being attacked, Daisy decides she has to step in before it is too late, especially now that the attacks are starting to hit closer to home.  Nightshade, however, is full of surprises and Daisy is convinced that a vampire may be responsible for the weird happenings.  Adding to her frustration, her old friend and current nemesis, the always popular and always dangerous Samantha Devereaux, has recently returned from vacation with an unusual taste in fashion.  Is Samantha the vamp or just another victim?  With boy trouble and her snarky sisters in the mix, Daisy is in for one hell of a ride.

Nightshade, California is an awesome setting full of mysterious characters and lots of fun.  While Daisy is lots of fun, her sisters often threaten to steal the show.  I enjoyed Daisy’s perspective and I felt that her voice seemed very genuine and true to life.  This series promises to be lots of fun and keep readers in stitches for years to come as Daisy and her gang of misfits uncover more mysteries and paranormal activity.  I’m just glad that we get to come along for the ride! 

This series would be a great starter series for younger teens and preteens interested in the vampire and werewolf craze.  Parents will appreciate the lack of sex (but not romance!) and the positive parental role models (well, mostly).  Despite the presence of paranormal monsters, the violence remains minimal and in the end, everyone returns to their mostly normal lives fairly unscathed.


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