The Wednesday Tales

Miles is an orphan in the town of Larde.  Since he arrived at the orphanage on a Wednesday, the evil caretaker has assigned Miles that as his surname.  But Miles isn’t content to be just another day of the week in a tiny, filthy, and horrible house with other Tuesdays, Fridays and Mondays.  After seven attempts, Miles has finally managed to make his running away stick, but now he needs to find a home before someone drags him back yet again.  With only his trusty teddy bear Tangerine for company, Miles has taken refuge in a barrel on a hillside overlooking the town.  Before he can decide what to do next, a mysterious circus begins to set up nearby, with Miles as the sole witness.  Drawn in by the seduction of the showmen, Miles sneaks in to see the sights of the unusual circus.  Instead, he encounters an eerie creature called the Null and watches as a delicate young girl tumbles through the air before unfurling luminous wings.  Mesmerized by the magical site, Miles goes in search of the winged girl and finds her in a filthy wagon, crying and desperate to escape from her fiendish captors.  Can Miles and his new friend escape the circus, uncover the evil big top plot, and save the day?


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