The Palace of Laughter (The Wednesday Tales Bk 1) by Jon Berkeley

palaceoflaughterberkeleyThe Palace of Laughter: The Wednesday Tales No. 1

by Jon Berkeley (Author)

  • 4Q4P M
  • Lexile: 1020L
  • Reading level: Ages 9-12
  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (July 31, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0060755091
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060755096

Miles Wednesday, runaway, orphan and barrel-dwelling, is the sole witness to the arrival of the Circus Oscuro in the town of Larde.  He’s never been to a circus before and he’ll never find a circus quite like this one ever again.  Captivated by the magic and show, Miles instantly feels the pull of the circus, but his fate is sealed when he sees a beautiful young girl with wings fall from the sky.  Now Little and Miles are on the run from an evil ringmaster and fast on the trail of a sinister plot to kidnap and control people using the Palace of Laughter.

Miles and Little are as endearing and enchanting as the artwork on the cover.  Berkeley’s story is as imaginative and delightful as any told before or since, and his characters and settings will stay with you long after the pages are closed.  Full of humor, adventure, and magic, this is a perfect lead-in to the world of fantasy and adventure for all ages.  Some of the action is a little bit scary and the youngest readers may need a bit of comforting, but this is a perfect opportunity for parents to bond with children regarding the meaning of friendship, family, love, good and evil.


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