About Me

Would you like to peek behind the curtain and see who is on the other side?

I’m rather boring, but here are some interesting facts to give you a hint or two….


Aimee Bender, Judy Budnitz and other women writers of the new flash fiction wave

Lambs, llamas, alpacas (oh my!) (white, black, big, small… as long as they are wooly, I like them all!  Especially black faced lambs!)


Southern Fiction (I’m a sucker for a sad story… especially about sisters and families struggling with poverty)


Tori Amos (I tried to resist her for years, but finally she snuck in and took over!  My favorite album is still To Venus and Back after all this time)

To Venus and Back

Bees (buzz buzz!  I’m allergic to the little devils but I admire their work and their honey!)

Fannie Flagg, Michael Lee West, Bailey White and other southern women writers who make me laugh, cry, and wish I could write like them

Chicken Fingers from Wishbones! (why oh why can’t they build one here???)

Chococat (but NOT Hello Kitty…. )


Lions, Tigers, and Bears (OH MY…. I love love love the zoo and I go as often as I can.  I count my zoo membership as one of my most prized possessions)

Calvin & Hobbes (I cried when I learned the series was ending… and I still count Calvin’s Nude Decending Staircase as one of my favorite works of art)


Crabs (hey, I’m a Cancer… it can’t be helped!)


Anything wrapped in a tortilla (even my favorite chinese food– moo shu– comes in a tortilla-like wrapper)

Plaids and stripes and circles and quilts (I actually collect backgrounds like these)

greenswirlbgpastelstripespurpleandgreenandblueplaidbgpinkplaidbgJournals (I own a ton of them… but I do not journal… annoying, isn’t it?  I just like having them… and I do use them for other less formal purposes)

Otters!  (all kinds, all sizes… because they are so playful and adorable!)


The Color Purple by Alice Walker (I love the language, the women, and the range of emotions it makes me feel)

The Big Bad Wolf (cuz he never gets the respect he deserves)


Writing (mostly creative nonfiction and fiction…. I just wish I was disciplined enough to make time to write each day)

Reading!  Check out my sister site at TheDowdyBookDork!


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