VOYA Coding

This blog will utilize the book review coding system from VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates), found at www.voya.com. The system evaluates quality of writing and potential teen popularity to create a P-Q formula. In addition, VOYA defines reading age groups using a simple code. Understanding of these codes is not necessary to utilize the reviews. A brief overview of these codes is included below. This information comes directly from VOYA’s website.

VOYA’s Book Review Codes

5Q Hard to imagine it being better written.
4Q Better than most, marred by occasional lapses.
3Q Readable, without serious defects.
2Q Better editing or work by the author might have warranted a 3Q.
1Q Hard to understand how it got published, except in relation to its P rating (and not even then sometimes).

5P Every YA (who reads) was dying to read it yesterday.
4P Broad general or genre YA appeal.
3P Will appeal with pushing.
2P For the YA reader with a special interest in the subject.
1P No teen will read unless forced to for assignments.

Grade Level Interest
M Middle School (defined as grades 6-8).
J Junior High (defined as grades 7-9).
S Senior High (defined as grades 10-12).
A/YA Adult-marketed book recommended for teens.

G Graphic Novel Format

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