Booktalk: The Fetch by Laura Whitcomb

Product Details

The Fetch

by Laura Whitcomb

Calder, a fetch or spirit who escorts souls to Heaven, risks everything to be with the Russian princess Anastasia after her family is attacked.  But some souls will do anything to keep them from find the key that will reunite the family, especially a certain devilish soul named Rasputin who has worked hard to ensure chaos in the kingdom.


  • First of all, yes, that Anastasia.  Though fantastical in nature, the very real history of the fall of the Russian empire is alluded to throughout.  It might be effective to mention the Disney movie Anastasia to give young readers a point of reference.
  • If you are looking for a intellectual examination of Rasputin’s role in the fall of the royal family, this is NOT it.  He is completely villianized and depicted as pure evil.
  • Even readers who are not familiar with the story will find the concept and the story to be sweet and endearing.

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